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Site of the Roman fortress, Isca

Caerllion (Welsh)

Caerleon was founded almost 2,000 years ago. And it would become one of the most important military sites in Britain under the Roman Empire. In fact, the name itself means "fortress of the Legion".

Isca, to use the town's Roman name, housed the 2nd Augustan Legion, 5,000 strong, and included an amphitheatre, baths complex, shops and temples. Much of these ancient buildings has been excavated and today's visitors can explore many aspects of legionary life at the free-entry Roman Legion Museum.

Elsewhere in Caerleon is Ffwrwm, an arts and crafts centre tucked away in a stable yard belonging to what was once the town's mansion house. The eclectic sculpture collection includes pieces inspired by characters and scenes from the Mabinogion, a medieval manuscript of Welsh fables.

Caerleon is also one of the locations that lays claim to being the site of Camelot, the fabled court of King Arthur. Visitors can make up their own minds as they explore the area's connections with the Arthurian legend.

See the town website for more on visiting Caerleon.