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Long distance walking routes

In the eighth century the Mercian King Offa built a great earthwork, Offa's Dyke, separating his kingdom from Wales. In a time when walking for recreation was unheard of, he laid the foundations of what is today one of Wales' most popular walking trails.

Offa's Dyke National Trail is just one of many long distance footpaths that criss-cross the Wye Valley & Vale of Usk.

The Wye Valley Walk is its companion as they each wind north from Chepstow.

And where they part, the Monnow Valley Walk becomes the national border.

The Usk Valley Walk follows a more tranquil river to the west. Further west again, the towpath of the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal provides 35 miles of waterside wandering.

In all, the Wye Valley & Vale of Usk contains around 1,500 miles of public rights of way.

That should keep you well occupied. In fact, that's enough for several return visits.