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Made in Monmouthshire

Artists and producers

Traditions are important in Monmouthshire.

Preserving them is more important still.

Fortunately a great number of people are actively using ancient skills to create works of art and delicious food and drink products.

Keeping traditions alive but also innovating. Bending the rules. Experimenting with variations on old ideas.

Reminding us, through their handmade crafts and produce, what was good about the good old days.

Today, the Wye Valley & Vale of Usk is bursting with a new generation of creative artisans.

And for many of them, the Made in Monmouthshire initiative is a way of highlighting the excellent credentials of their homespun products and introducing them to the world at large.

The Made in Monmouthshire initiative reveals what inspires many of our local champions as well as telling you where you can get your hands on your own piece of local tradition.

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